July 3 2019 Negotiations Updates

May 2019 Negotiations Update

The Negotiating Committee has just completed a busy week at the bargaining table here in Washington D.C.  On Monday and Tuesday, concurrent meetings took place, with scope negotiations being held separately from negotiations on other articles in the contract.

As was indicated in the update a few days ago, the scope meeting took a different track from the prior scope meetings.  Management did something unexpected and welcomed by our team. They climbed out of the proverbial scope bunker that they had built around themselves and had been sitting in since negotiations began and, for the first time, they engaged in meaningful and constructive discussion on the subject.  No concrete promises were made, nothing was signed, and formal paper proposals were not exchanged over those two days, but management exhibited drastically different behavior than we have previously observed.  Constructive questions were asked and answered, and a better understanding of both parties’ desires and needs was gained. We appreciated the constructive approach to solving our collective issues and we welcome more of this kind of meetings in near the future.

At the regular (non-scope) negotiation session spanning the rest of this week, work took place on a number of articles. Each of these articles inch closer and closer to becoming a Tentative Agreement, oftentimes, with only a handful of major issues left to close out in each one.  The list below, formerly referred to as Block 2 items in the previous Framework Agreement, contains the articles presently being negotiated in this session.  These articles have been listed in descending order from the article at the top of the list having the fewest number of open issues remaining to the article at the bottom of the list having the most open issues still remaining.

CRAF and Hostile Area Ops – Article 33

Deadheading – Article 8

Leave of Absence – Article 13

General – Article 26

Vacation – Article 7

Sick Leave – Article 14

Training – Article 11

Scheduling – Article 25

Hours of Service – Article 12

Recognition/Scope – Article 1

In particular, we want to point out that last month we challenged the management negotiators with coming up with a thorough counter-proposal on Article 12 – Hours of Service.  Management previously had summarily rejected our past two proposals.  Their response to the proposal this week was meaningful and well thought out.

Our next negotiating session is scheduled for June 18-21 with concurrent scope negotiations taking place on June 20-21.