July 3 2019 Negotiations Updates

June 2019 Negotiations Update

The Negotiating Committee has just completed another week at the bargaining table here in Washington D.C.  On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we met with management and continued negotiating over various items across multiple articles in a continued attempt to make progress towards the contract we all deserve.  The focus of our meetings was placed on Article 12 – Hours of Service and Article 25 – Scheduling, both of which contain a significant number of work rules. Progress continues to be much slower than we would like, but progress is being made nonetheless.

After closing out many items in Article 33 – Hostile Area and Article 8 – Deadhead, we were left with only a few open items in each article.  On Wednesday, we felt the time had come to make a reasonable package offer to management in order to close out the remaining items in each of the two articles and reach a tentative agreement on Article 33 and Article 8. Unfortunately, instead of taking the opportunity to accept our package deal, management attempted to renegotiate the deal by complicating one open item to the point that it upset the balance of our offer.  As a result, these articles still remain open for further negotiations

On Thursday, Article 1 – Scope discussions took place with CEO Bill Flynn, COO John Dietrich, Senior Vice President of Flight Operations Jeff Carlson and their legal team. Amended by management, what was supposed to be a two-day session amounted to a few hours of discussion on Thursday.  Although discussions at this session were positive, once again, we continue to question why management is reluctant to move forward with putting pen to paper.  Constructive dialogue is obviously good when it leads to positive results and our expectations were that management should have started to take action with concrete results in scope this week.  When it comes to scope, they are saying the right things but their actions still do not match their words.  Unfortunately, the scope session ended with no meaningful progress to report.

Today, we ended the week with more dialogue on our Scheduling Article. Management agreed to just one additional week of negotiations that will take place July 29 – August 2.