July 18 2019 News

Disgruntled Amazon Pilots Will Use Prime Day as a Pulpit for Their Concerns | Adweek

As Amazon readies for what will likely be two of its busiest days of the year, the pilots who transport its cargo are releasing a digital ad campaign on Facebook to highlight “concerns about how they are being overworked, underpaid and disrespected by their carriers.”

It’s the latest move in an increasingly bitter logistics saga as Amazon appeals to customers with faster and faster delivery options. The tactics have left pilots complaining about challenging schedules and low pay, and the airlines involved are accusing the pilots’ labor union of spreading lies—and delaying negotiations.

The new ads will direct viewers to the pilots’ website, PilotsDeserveBetter.org,which a union spokesman said “provides background from the pilots’ perspective about serious issues at their carriers.”

Here are examples of the ad creative the union will be running online during Prime Day:

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