August 6 2019 Negotiations Updates

August 2019 Negotiations Update

Fellow Atlas and Southern Air Crew Members,

The Negotiating Committee has just completed another week of bargaining here in Washington, D.C.  Throughout the week, management and your Negotiating Committee focused in on Article 25 – Scheduling and Article 11 – Training.  A few more items were closed out in each article.

A separate meeting to discuss Article 1 – Scope took place on Thursday.  We became aware of information in advance that management was not planning on scheduling any decision-makers to be at the scope meeting.  As a result, we adjusted our staff to focus on the regularly-scheduled negotiations instead.

The pace of negotiations continues to be slower than we would like to see and certainly much slower than the pilot group deserves.  However, even with slow progress, goals still can be reached.

Last session, we had offered management a close-out package proposal of Article 8 – Deadheading and Article 33 – CRAF and Hostile Area Operations. As we previously reported, management declined our offer.

Your Negotiating Committee did not alter our standards and continued to seek industry-standard provisions throughout this session for our pilot group.  As a result, this week we were able to achieve two tentative agreements, closing out Article 8 – Deadheading and Article 33 – CRAF and Hostile Area Operations. Below, we have summarized a few of the highlights achieved in these industry-standard articles.

Article 8 – Deadheading

–          Reduced required time we have to deadhead in a company jumpseat.

–          Set a minimum standard for all supernumerary seats (business class).

–          Hierarchy of international flight bookings (Star / One-World / Sky-Team / Emirates or Etihad, then IASA Category 1 airlines if alliance airlines are unavailable).

–          All domestic segments connecting to/from international flights will be in Business Class.

–          When international Business Class is unavailable, compensation increased to $1,000 for flights over three hours.

–          Intercontinental airline deadhead greater than four hours will be provided a lie-flat seat.

–          Domestic deadhead greater than four and a half hours of block within a duty period will be booked in Business Class (First Class).

–          Domestic deadhead in excess of 14 hours of duty all in Business Class.

–          Ability to upgrade for domestic flights from Economy to Economy Plus for flights three hours to four and a half hours long.

–          If non-stop travel is available, it will be booked.

–          Crew Lounge passes can be purchased with corporate credit card under certain standards.

–          Protective language against middle seat bookings.

–          Ground transportation maximum limit of two and a half hours.

–          Alternative travel will be approved at the beginning and end of a Trip Pairing as long as the cost is the same or less.

–          Company can only use tickets that are available to the general public and that will provide the same benefits.


Article 33 – CRAF and Hostile Area Operations

–          Hostile Area is now expanded to include Infectious Disease Area and DOT 7573 Operations (carriage of munitions).

–          Expedited arbitration dispute resolution over whether a specific hostile area applies.

–          175% Pay for Hostile Area flying.

–          $1,000,000 of Life Insurance provided for Hostile Area flying above other life insurance provided elsewhere in the contract.

–          Expanded security briefing upon request for hostile area flying.

–          Eliminated the ability for management to use contract pilots to fly hostile area.

–          A pilot flying hostile area who is injured will receive 60 months of compensation and all benefits as if he were in active service and then be eligible for any insurance and retirement provided elsewhere in the contract after 60 months.

Our next week of negotiations is scheduled to take place August 26-29.


Chris Knox

Doug Malcolm

John Casey

Lionel Largmann

Matt Sturgis

Verne Yoder

Yngve Paulsen

Zac Brown

Atlas Air and Southern Air Negotiating Committees

APA Teamsters Local 1224